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Asset Finance

Acquiring assets to set up a new business or grow an existing business can represent a financial headache if you choose a financing option that isn’t in the best interests of your business. Whether you’re running a retail franchise, looking to expand a family business or are in the process of implementing a growth strategy moving into new territory, acquiring assets to facilitate this growth is typically a necessary part of the process.

As Link Mortgage Services, we use a magnifying glass to look at your business closely, then we work with various lenders to find the best finance package for your business. With a wide range of options on the market including hire purchase, contract hire, finance leases and operating leases, we work hard to provide advice that will put your organisation in the best possible financial position when acquiring assets.

Whatever your capital requirements are, we may provide competitive funding rates and a complete range of finance products.

Many people mistakenly believe that short-term funding options like bank overdrafts are the only way. However, there are alternative funding options with real benefits including:

  • Working capital not being tied up in depreciating assets
  • Fixed payments ensure accurate budgeting
  • The inability for the facility to be withdrawn (unlike bank overdrafts)
  • The creation of an additional line of credit outside normal funding arrangements
  • The cost of acquiring the asset may be spread out over time to coincide with the timing of revenue generated by the business.

If you’re in the market to arrange asset finance, speak to our expert team to receive industry-leading advice that will put your business in the best place to succeed well into the future.