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Investment Loans

Property investment represents a good opportunity to secure your financial future, however there is much more to buying an investment property than getting your finance approved. Whether you are a new investor entering the property market for the first time, or a seasoned investor with a number of rental properties under your belt, getting the right financial foundations in place is extremely important. The right structure may help save you money and allow you to progress further with property investment, so it makes sense to invest a little time in ensuring the structure of your investment property portfolio.

The team at Link Mortgage Services have extensive experience in financing investment properties, and it’s this depth of experience that enables our clients to save money, reduce the stress associated with property finances and make sound decisions based on knowledge coming from trusted experts. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-time investor or have been in the property investment game for decades – there are always benefits to learning more and considering all the options before making a decision.

Always keeping an eye on the ever-changing property market, our team provides a range of tools and tips to help shape your decision making. If you’re considering entering the property market for the first time or expanding your property portfolio, Link Mortgage Services’ tailored, one-on-one approach to lending ensures you’ll receive the best advice for your personal circumstances. Working towards finding a finance solution that works for you is our main aim – that’s why our clients return to us for advice again and again, year after year.

What's involved with buying an Investment Property?

Alex Sobolevsky of Link Mortgage Services provide good advice on all the things to consider when purchasing an investment property.