We offer a range of low doc loan options to suit your lifestyle, income and budget.

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Low Doc Loans

At Link Mortgage Services, we are accustomed to handling all sorts of employment, financial and personal situations. We understand that securing a traditional mortgage can be challenging when you’re self-employed and don’t have regular payslips or tax return documentation to support your loan application. It’s at this point that many self-employed people give up on securing finance for property, mistakenly thinking that they are unable to borrow because of their employment situation.

Fortunately, low doc loans offer a tangible solution for people who are self-employed. Low doc loans don’t require the same amount of paperwork that traditional loans do, and therefore offer a borrowing option for those of us who are self-employed sole traders or running small businesses. The reality is that many self-employed people end up as successful borrowers thanks to low doc loans providing a lifeline to people unable to provide the documentation required for a traditional mortgage.

Whether you’re a successful freelancer wanting to buy your first home or a small business owner hoping to purchase an investment property, we may offer a range of low doc loan options to suit your lifestyle, income and budget. At Link Mortgage Services, we have assisted many self-employed people to secure finance in order to buy property, so if you’re wondering about your borrowing capacity or thinking about entering the property market but not sure where to start, then please contact us to find out what your options are. A low doc loan might offer the perfect solution for you.