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Development Finance

Development Finance is a highly specialised area of financing best suited to industry professionals with years of experience working the sector.

As a specialist broker with proven experience in the development finance area, Link Mortgage Services may assist with the facilitation of the following types of finance:

  • Construction finance
  • Residential development finance
  • Residential refurbishment finance
  • Commercial constructions funding
  • Hotel development funding
  • Hotel construction funding

Whether you’re planning to build a residential apartment block, undertake a major hotel refurbishment project or construct a commercial building, development finance will enable you to secure the funds needed to begin.

Commercial Mortgages

A wide range of businesses may benefit from arranging commercial property finance. From factories to offices, warehouses and storage units, investment properties and guesthouses, pubs and restaurants, farms and beyond, commercial property mortgages enable business owners to operate from premises in a variety of sectors.

Link Mortgage Services works with a host of flexible commercial mortgage lenders to find the most suitable commercial mortgage products available on the market. Available to companies looking to purchase a business premises as an asset, commercial property mortgages bring the benefits of rental income and appreciation. Commercial owner occupier mortgages are available to companies looking to use the property as their business premises. Whichever option you choose, we work tirelessly to find the right mortgage solution for your unique needs and goals.

We may also assist with re-mortgaging a commercial mortgage if you want to take advantage of an improved interest rate, or free up some cash for business expansion or investment. Whatever your circumstances, our team of commercial mortgage experts may provide the high level advice needed to make important decisions.

Mezzanine Finance

Acquiring enough funding to undertake large residential or commercial property developments can be a challenge. Mezzanine finance is an option many property developers use to accompany financing they have received from banks and other lenders. Our team may help explain the benefits and potential pitfalls that come with mezzanine finance, and assist with facilitating a mezzanine finance if that is the path you wish to follow.